Get Female Attention And Respark The Romance

I find it rather alarming to watch the way that so many young men today struggle so painfully with even the most basic of social interactions with their female counterparts. Perhaps this is why so many women get fed up with their boyfriend or young husbands and end up leaving them.

So what is wrong with young men today? Why are they so terrible at maintaining relationships or even getting female attention in the first place? This is no doubt due to all of the time that they spend watching television, playing video games, and of course texting away on their ever present smart phones. All this electronic media is no doubt detrimental.

So, as a favor to the younger generation I thought I’d post a few of my biggest tips I have learned about how to have better relationships. My tips are more for men looking to meet a girl, so if you are a man looking to rekindle a relationship that has died out see this Respark The Romance review.

My first tip is that you should always put a lot of effort into your physical appearance. This will of course sound completely obvious to any intelligent person, but if you look at the way that these 20-something morons are dressing these days you will see that this is something that the vast majority are completely over looking. So many of these man-boys are dressing like either total sissies, or they are dressing like inner-city high school students with the baggy jeans, baseball caps and atrocious tent-like t-shirts. Truly disgraceful!

Next, it is important to always pay women genuine compliments. This is truly a lost art, and let me tell you, it can really do the trick! You see, women like guys who appreciate them and pay attention to them in a courteous, respectful manner. The fact that you noticed something that you found particularly attractive about a woman and then were thoughtful enough to tell her about it will certainly score you some serious brownie points. Just make sure that your compliment is respectful, so don’t tell her that you like her womanly curves, or anything like that.

Tip number 3 is to be decisive. One of the things women complain about the most (when it comes to men) is that so many guys are so wishy-washy and incapable of making decisions. That said, when you are talking to a young lady you would like to invite out with you for a date be sure to clearly state what your intentions are and be direct about it. Tell her that you would like to have her join you for a fine dinner at a nice restaurant, and arrange to pick her up at her home so that you can drive her to the venue. Many young men these days have no idea how to set up a proper date, and as a result the only women in their lives are the animated female characters in their idiotic video games.